The credentials screen contains all the information Rasa Core needs to connect to various channels.


Botfront has specific features that are not natively supported by Rasa Core. It is multilingual, and bot responses support sequences of messages. For this reasons, native Rasa Core channels may not work. Botfront currently provides 2 channels: the socketio (Webchat) and Facebook.

SocketIO (Rasa Webchat)

The SocketIO channel connects Rasa Core to the Rasa Webchat

There isn't much to configure here, you can just set the session_persistent param to false if you prefer create a new session each time the user reloads the page containing the widget

  session_persistence: true


This channel inherits from the Rasa Core Facebook channel. Besides supporting multilingual and sequence of messages features, it provides a better support for Messenger specific templates features.

  verify: <verify phrase>
  secret: <facebook app secret>
  page-access-token: <facebook page token>
  - first_name
  - last_name
  - ...

Only the fields field is specific to Botfront. You can retrieve user profile information in bot responses using the following template format: {user_<field>}. For example:

You need special permissions to access profile info (except first and last name). The fields fields let you specify the fields the channel is allowed to query from the Facebook Profile API.


You must restart Rasa Core for your changes to take effect. If you are running Botfront with docker-compose you can run docker-compose restart core

Last Updated: 5/3/2019, 1:22:17 PM