You should have recent versions of Docker and Node.js installed on your computer. If it's not the case, see Installing requirements first.


In your terminal:

npm install -g botfront



And follow the instructions to create a project. After a long while (there's a lot to download) Botfront will open in your browser and invite you to set up your project.

Congrats, you can skip the rest of this page and go directly to the next tutorial.

Installing requirements

This section is only required if you don't have Node.JS or Docker installed on your system. If you succesfully completed the steps above, you can safely skip this section

Install Docker

Just download and execute Docker for MacOS or Windows

Install Node.JS


Download and install Node.js

If you have a missing write access to usr/local/lib/node_modules error when installing Botfront, prepend the command with sudo) and use your usual password when prompted:

sudo npm install -g botfront

Mac / Linux

Install Node.js via nvm to avoid permission errors.

  1. Install NVM
curl -o- | bash

then do nvm -V. If you have a command not found error, do touch ~/.bash_profile and repeat the installation (curl ...)

  1. Install Node.js
nvm install --lts